As a Syrian, Wafic Said is committed to supporting the development of the Middle East. He has focused on Syria, first and foremost, and also its neighbours, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.




Dr Rida Said among professors and graduates of the Medical School, Damascus 1930

Dr. Rida Said with Professors and Graduates of the Medical School, Damascus, 1930


In the mid-2000s, Wafic Said redeveloped two historic buildings at Damascus University, which was founded by his father Rida Said, to provide new facilities that it lacked.  He also supported some of the growing number of non-governmental organisations in the country. Over more than 15 years, the Foundation also created a cadre of local trainers in the disability field in Syria.

In addition, Wafic Said was planning to establish a not-for-profit hospital outside Damascus and had secured a site and developed the design.  He was also making a ten-year commitment to modernising curricula and improving teaching quality at Damascus University – hugely necessary at a university that now numbers over 120,000 students.  But these long-term developmental plans have had to be put on hold because of the crisis in Syria.  

Instead, like others who care about Syria, Wafic Said is focusing on doing what he can to relieve the terrible conditions under which so many Syrian refugees are living. Their needs are enormous and, through highly reputable organisations, the Foundation is  helping provide shelter and meet other critical needs.