Children in need

The Said Foundation was founded in memory of Wafic and Rosemary Said’s son, Karim.  To celebrate the great consideration he always had for those less fortunate than himself, the Said Foundation has supported scores of grass roots organisations in the Middle East over the last two decades which work to bring much needed services to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, often in areas where available services are few or otherwise absent.


PARD Lebanon


The Foundation has focused over the years on health, education and, most importantly, on disability. It estimates that its direct beneficiaries number over 100,000. In Syria, for over 15 years, it implemented a disability programme which, by delivering training, built a human resource capacity in this field that was previously lacking.

Sadly, the disability programme in Syria is currently temporarily suspended because of the terrible circumstances in the country. Instead, the Foundation is focusing on supporting Syrian refugee and displaced children and their families who are living in appalling conditions.