Wafic Saïd receives Honorary Doctorate from the University of Damascus

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In April 2005 Wafic Saïd was presented with an Honorary Doctorate by the Minister for Higher Education, H.E. Dr Hani Mourtada, for his commitment to education and his support for Damascus University.

In his speech of thanks, Wafic Saïd paid tribute to Dr Mourtada and to the University for their role in developing students’ skills. He stressed the importance of education as the spearhead of progress in Syria and as a vital means of promoting tolerance and understanding between cultures, through constructive dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

Damascus University was founded by his father, Dr Rida Saïd in 1923, and Wafic Saïd restored the old national hospital, one of the University’s historical buildings, in his memory. The Rida Saïd Conference Centre (below) was opened in September 2003.


The Rida Saïd Conference Centre

The Rida Saïd Conference Centre