Opening of the Wafic Rida Saïd Building, Collège de Notre-Dame de Jamhour

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On 16 November 2005 Wafic Saïd participated in the inauguration of the building named after him at his old college, Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Lebanon. The Wafic Rida Saïd Building, which he financed along with other benefactors, forms an integral part of the Sports, Social and Cultural Centre at the college.

In his inaugural speech, Wafic Saïd congratulated the Rector, Reverend Father Selim Daccache, on his vision and ambition for the college and said that he was honoured to contribute to its expansion. He was proud to have been a student there and to have had the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and spiritual wealth of the school’s great educators. Above all, he had learned that education was the key to a better life and the means of eradicating ignorance and reducing differences.

He said that the nostalgia felt by all the alumni in remembering their college days was a force for continuity “which encourages us to look to the future and to give future generations, who are our hope, the means to progress towards a better world, a world which I profoundly hope, will be one of peace, brotherhood and tolerance.”